The Beautiful Yoko, New Style Japanese Tattoo by Shige @ YellowBlaze

Yoko's Head Tattoo, Dragon, New Style Japanese Tattoo by Shige @ Yellowblaze

Yoko has definitely one of my favourite Body Suit! Simply outstanding work by Shige@Yellow Blaze!! One of Japan’s True New Style masters! Redefining Japanese tattoo with a respect for traditional Japanese Tattoo work that can be felt! Arigato Yoko! Arigato Shige! Since the first time I have seen this beautiful Tattoo, I knew It changed the way I would think about , It gave me the strength to pursue the studies! A level to reach! A dream to live! And with time, it hasn’t changed, quite the opposite! It’s only getting stronger! Now it looks like the work on your head as started! Good luck! Enjoy the journey!